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• Open M-F, 9-5 & Sat. 9-4; Closed Sundays

1543 State Highway 102

Bar Harbor, ME 04609

(207) 801-9072

Open M-F, 9-5 & Sat. 9-4, Closed Sundays

1543 State Hwy. 102, Bar Harbor, ME
207-801-9072 • Open M-F, 9-5 & Sat, 9-4; Closed Sundays

BosNeeleze Luxury Knee Pads



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The BosNeeleze Luxury Knee Pads conveniently protect your knees and clothing while carrying out weeding, planting and other garden tasks where you need to kneel down.

They are light weight and easy to put on.

They are waterproof to keep your knees dry in wet conditions.

They have a durable quick dry neoprene outer skin with a memory foam cushion inner for ultimate comfort.

When they get dirty you can wipe them clean with a damp sponge.

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Blue, Green, Red, Purple

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